What is a Color Change Wrap?

Vehicle wraps are one of the most effective ways to customize your vehicle because they allow a temporary change in color while still preserving the integrity and beauty of the factory paint underneath. This helps protect the resale value of the vehicle. When compared with a high quality custom paint job, vehicle wraps are generally less expensive. Additionally, vehicle wraps are much easier to maintain and repair because we can fix small portions in the case of an accident. Consult a vehicle wrap specialist today about the benefits of a wrap.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is a color change wrap better than a paint job?

Typically, color changes using vinyl are much less expensive than a custom paint job. Additionally, when you repaint a car, you must remove the factory paint job. This can affect the value of the vehicle. When we change the color with a wrap product, the factory paint is actually protected and preserved for the next car buyer.

What is vehicle wrap made of?

Vehicle wrap is made of vinyl. The best materials are made by companies that the layperson has heard of- examples of this may be 3M or Avery. These manufacturers warranty and stand by their product. Less expensive materials are available but they are not of the same quality. Cheaper materials can remove paint when removed and wear our very quickly.

How long does a vehicle wrap last?

Vehicle wraps will last between 3-5 years depending on how well you care for it. A vehicle that is kept clean of road salt and dirt and stored in a garage will last about 5 years. A vehicle that is not well cleaned and parked outside will deteriorate faster. When we say a vehicle wrap will last x amount of time, we don’t mean that the wrap will just fall off one day or that it will fade from rich color to white. Typically at the end of their life, you may start to see some bubbling in deep channels of the vehicle. Additionally, you may see spots of sun damage on horizontal surfaces like the hood and roof. The adhesive will last indefinitely and the wrap can be left on virtually forever. It just may not look like it did when it was fresh and new.

Can you wrap a leased vehicle?

Wrapping a leased vehicle is perfectly fine. In fact, many leasing companies prefer it because it helps to protect the paint. How much does a vehicle wrap cost? We have wrap options ranging from the hundreds to the thousands. We determine the cost by the size of the wrap area, size of the vehicle, and the color choice. For a quote on your vehicle color change, contact one of our sales professionals.

Does Queen of Wraps provide any warranty on the wrap?

Your vinyl vehicle wrap will include two warranties, one from Queen of Wraps and another from the material manufacturer. Our warranty covers installation for 6 months and the manufacturer warranty will cover material defects for up to 7 years (depending on manufacturer).

Can vinyl graphics be removed easily?

Yes, vinyl graphics are easy to remove when you decide to change your look again. Typically, the manufacturers rate the adhesives for 5 years of clean removability. If you remove the wrap within that time frame, it means there will be no damage to the paint below.

Will a car wrap damage my paint?

If the paint of your vehicle is in good condition when the wrap goes on, it will be in good condition when the wrap comes off. No paint guarantees are available on cracking, flaking, or rusting paint. The best way to evaluate the paint is to stop by our facility to have it inspected by a wrap specialist. At this time, we will be able to determine if a vehicle wrap is a good option.

Will you remove the trim to get in all the tight areas of the vehicle?

We offer many levels of installation. Our full service Royal Treatment wrap includes the removal of trim, handles, lights, and basically everything else that stands in the way of a perfect wrap. Our lower priced options will not include these services.

What finishes are available on wrap vinyl?

We offer multiple finishes on our car wrap material including matte, satin, semi-gloss, high gloss, and metallic. We also offer specialty wrap materials including glow in the dark, fluorescent, textured, and chrome materials. Specialty vehicle wrap materials generally cost extra and have some installation limitations.

Do you have a list of the vehicle wrap color options available?

For a full list of our available vehicle wrap colors, consult with a wrap specialist. Some of our most popular car color change colors are matte black, gunmetal gray, matte white, carbon fiber, pearl white, and metallic red. We offer a large selection of colors and finishes to suit any taste.

Can i just wrap a portion of my vehicle?

Partial vehicle wraps are extremely popular. One of our most popular partial vehicle wrap packages includes wrapping the hood, roof, and trunk of a vehicle. With a standard material, a package like this typically costs about $1000.

Does the color of my vehicle wrap have to be solid?

No. While matte black vehicle wrap may be our most popular vehicle color change option, we can mix colors and even create custom printed graphics for your project.

My vehicle's paint is old an beat up, Is wrapping a good option?

Vehicle wrap is meant to adhere to car paint. However, if the paint if the vehicle is not adhered well to the metal, a vehicle wrap will fall off when the paint falls off. Also, if the vehicle paint has pitting, rust, dents, or holes, vehicle wrap is not a substitute for good body work. The good news is that if you have paint problems with your vehicle, we only need a primer surface to wrap- no need to go get an expensive paint job just to get covered with wrap.

How does a vehicle wrap stand up the harsh Utah weather?

Whether you live in the Northern cities like Salt Lake City, Sandy, Provo, West Valley, or Ogden, or the southern cities like St. George or Hurricane, a vehicle wrap has what it takes to stand up to the heat and cold. A typical vehicle wrap in Salt Lake City will make it through 3-5 cold winters and 3-5 hot summers without flinching. The only thing you need to worry about is keeping road salt off the vehicle in winter and dirt off the vehicle in summer. Also, it is a good idea to rotate how you park your vehicle during the day and keep it in a garage at night.

Can i buy car wrap vinyl from your Utah location and install myself?

Of course! Most of our vehicle wrap vinyls are available to purchase by the yard. If you want to try your hand at installing vinyl, feel free to give us a call and a sales representative will be happy to get you a price.

What are the brand of car wrap vinyl you carry?

We use the two highest quality brands: 3M and Avery. 3M vinyl is the popular name that gets tossed around a lot. However Avery is also considered a top of the line product. Many installers actually prefer the Avery vehicle wrap vinyl because it is more conformable and easier to work with. Both of these great brands offer superior products. However, just having the right brand is half the battle. Both of these companies create many types of vinyl and many types of adhesive. Someone could potentially tell you they are going to use a 3M vinyl on your vehicle. That does not necessarily mean that it is 3M vehicle wrap vinyl. It could easily be a permanent sticker vinyl or a repositionable vinyl- neither of which should ever be applied to vehicle paint. Queen of Wraps exclusively uses the top products from the 3M and Avery vehicle wrap line.

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