Does Vehicle Advertising Pay Off?



car advertising wrap

No matter how many people may think otherwise, advertising works. It’s a great way to boost business and gain recognition for your brand. But unfortunately, advertising can be pricey. Take renting a billboard for example. Billboards are great—and effective—but it typically costs about $500 to print off an ad for a billboard. Then, tack on the monthly billboard rental fee—which can run you anywhere from $75–$200 per month in a rural area, or $900-$2,500 per month for a city or interstate billboard—and you’ve already spent a good chunk of money. Now, depending on the location of your billboard, you may only reach a small number of people with your advertising. Sure, you could rent multiple billboards to extend your reach, but those costs will add up faster than you can say “come to our business.” Television and internet ads are even more expensive. So if advertising really is effective, but often so expensive, what’s a good budget-friendly solution? Vehicle car wraps are one of the most effective forms of advertising, and Queen of Wraps does it best.


Vehicle wraps are completely customizable, which means you are 100% in control of the message you want to send to potential clients. Plus, the benefits are endless. Wraps are an incredible tool to help generate sales. The average vehicle wrap is seen 40,000 times a month, which allows you to reach a large audience and help create brand repetition. Wraps are memorable, so even if a car next to you on the highway doesn’t have a need for your product right now, they might later down the road, and that vehicle wrap for your business will be the first thing that potential client thinks of.


Vehicle wraps are cost-efficient; for a wrap, you pay a one-time fee. Queen of Wraps only uses the best vinyl for car wrapping, so your wrap is guaranteed to be durable. Plus, Queen of Wraps can work with any budget and allows customization to cut down on costs and give you the best bang for your buck.

Don’t wait any longer. Your business deserves to be advertised and you deserve to get the best deal available. Visit the Queen of Wraps website to see the incredible car wrap products offered and to receive a free quote. Get started today!