How To Design Your Car Using Salt Lake City’s Queen of Wraps

1. Design:choosing a design for your car wrap

Customize your own vinyl wrap in a number of different ways! You can: choose from ideas that the Queen of Wraps designers create for you, involve yourself in the creation process by working with the design team, or prepare a design yourself.

Maybe you want a new paint job, or maybe your vehicle is just too plain and simple for your taste. One option better than a paint job is to wrap your car with a color wrap to get the look you want: it’s cheaper than painting, and it preserves the original paint if you want to remove the wrap later. You can change the look of your car with a full or partial color wrap. Talk to a wrap specialist to find all the color options available.

Perhaps you need a company logo, contact information, and picture of the service or product your business provides on your car. Whether you want flames, a racing stripe, a trendy matte black car, or advertising for your business, Queen of Wraps can help you with the design and application of your wrap.

2. Apply:chrome car wraps

Queen of Wraps will print and laminate your design, then apply the vinyl to your car. You even have the option to wrap your own car if you’d rather do it yourself. Just order the high quality vinyl from Queen of Wraps, and install it. However, our team of experts have the experience and know-how necessary to wrap your vehicle without any complications.

3. Drive:

Your custom car wrap graphics will grab the attention of pedestrians, people parked in the same lot as you, and other drivers on the road. You can choose from full, three-quarter, half, or partial wraps, depending on your budget and what you think will be best for your advertising or decorating needs.

Visit Queen of Wraps for more information and to see just how effective a car wrap can be.