How Vehicle Advertising Works

Why use stationary advertising when you can have moving advertisements on the road?


It is estimated that a car advertisement can reach up to 40,000 impressions during an average month, all for a one-time cost. Queen of Wraps can help you reach those numbers with their line of vinyl car wraps and graphics. If you have a vehicle, you have a billboard!


vinyl advertisement wrap

Vehicle advertising is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising available. Billboard, television, and radio advertisements can be pricey, and often cost more to reach the same amount of impressions that car wraps do. Vehicle wraps are cost-efficient because you only pay a one-time fee and wraps don’t require monthly lease payments like billboards do. Billboard advertising prices also increase depending on the size of the metropolitan area. The greater the area, the higher the price you’re going to pay. With Queen of Wraps, you can advertise in those larger cities for a fraction of the cost! Not only will you be able to reach those larger cities, but you can reach customers anywhere you drive since the advertisement literally goes where you go.


Queen of Wraps has an assortment of wrap products for you to choose from. The wraps are completely customizable. There are full service wraps, ¾ wraps, half wraps, and partial wraps all available to fit the needs of your vehicle and budget. No matter the style you choose, your car wrap will help increase your sales and brand recognition as you drive the streets. The more people that see you, the more sales opportunities you will have.

Stationary advertisement is in the past. Contact Queen of Wraps to get a quote for your business today and move one step closer to the perfect vehicle wrap!