Custom Vinyl Car Wrap Gallery


We here at Queen of Wraps specialize in printing and installing only the highest quality car vinyls. This means that with our vinyls your vehicle is not only more visible, but professionally so. The Royal install team installs every job in such a way that there are no egregious visible lines. Consequently our wrap jobs look smooth, slick, and are incomparable to any others. Similarly to the quality of vinyl that we use, the Royal install team knows exactly how to install any job. Therefore any wrap or graphic on any vehicle that you present to our team they install quickly and professionally. Above all what really puts our installations on top is their years of experience. To top it off we only use the best available materials on the market.


We hope that this gallery will present evidence attesting to the quality of our wraps. We have no doubt that all of the wraps pictured here–and those not featured in this gallery–are, in fact, the highest of quality.


Interested in having your vehicle wrapped?


If you are interested in having your vehicle wrapped but are unsure of what type of wrap job best suits your needs, please click here. We will assist you in finding the service of ours that best satisfies your individual need.

One up your car with custom car wrap graphics. The options are endless! Take a look at our gallery to get ideas of how you can vinyl wrap your own car, then join us at Queen of Wraps and let us know how to customize your design.