Promote Yourself with Truck Graphics from Queen of Wraps



Looking for a way to promote your business to as many people as possible? How many times have you seen trucks and other vehicles advertising their business with full vehicle wraps or simple decals? Plumbers, contractors, boutiques, caterers, food trucks, and so many other businesses, large and small, get great brand recognition because of their simple, effective truck graphics.




blue truck graphic vinyl wrapThe problem with marketing and advertising is that the costs are ongoing. However, with a full vehicle wrap you pay a one-time fee and then get endless exposure. The truth is that your vehicle will be seen, on average, 40,000 times in a month. In just one year your truck will have been seen roughly 480,000 times. The beauty is that you will not just be advertising to a specific demographic; you’ll be getting broad exposure to a variety of potential clients.


You can choose just which graphics you want to display on your truck. At Queen of Wraps we offer a variety of truck wrapping services. You can choose to do a full vehicle wrap, ¾ wrap, half wrap, or a custom partial wrap. Whether you already have an idea for a truck graphic or are simply starting from scratch, our team will work with you to develop and design the perfect wrap for your truck.


 color change vehicle wrap camo

Even if you do not have a business or brand you wish to advertise, you can take advantage of our other services like our color change wrapping. Dealerships rarely have the exact color that you’re looking for, so why not customize your truck or vehicle to get the exact look and color you’ve always wanted. You’ll also make your truck stand out from the others that got stuck with the factory colors.


Maybe you’re not one for a full truck makeover. Maybe you just want a simple truck graphic to express your personality or increase your brand awareness. Queen of Wraps offers truck decals as well. Keep the design of your truck simple with this great way to promote yourself. Decals are effective without having to completely redesign your entire truck.


At Queen of Wraps, we have established ourselves as the best car wrapping company in Utah. Our team is expertly trained in designing, printing, and installing any wrap or truck graphic you need. Contact us today at (801) 477-6880 for more information or even a quote. If you have more questions about our wrapping services, please visit our FAQ page.