Top 10 Business & Marketing Books

Must Reads For Business Marketers & Entrepreneurs

When dealing with the world of marketing, be it digital or traditional, in a big business or a startup, it is important to have a good understanding of the basic philosophies behind marketing, the current trends, and how you can rise above. The following are a few national favorites, their summaries, and ways you can get your hands on a copy.

Content Books:



Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content

Author: Ann Handley


everybody writes content marketing book

⅘ stars on Google Play
5/5 stars on Amazon
5/5 stars on Barnes and Noble
4.1/5 on Goodreads



Based off of the idea that we are all writers, this book is being called a “go-to-guide” for writing attractive content. Learn from Ann Handley as she  discusses the strategy behind content creation, production, and publishing.
Amazon calls it a “field guide for the smartest businesses who know that great content is the key to thriving in this digital world.”


Where To Get It:



The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition (4th edition)

Author: William Strunk Jr.


elements of style content marketing book

4.6/5 on Amazon
4/5 on Barnes and Noble
4.6/5 on Thrift Books



This is a classic manual on the elements of style, now in a fourth edition. With the fourth edition you get a better understanding of using these smarter writing techniques in the very digital world we live in now.

With today’s emailing, social networking, text messaging, and more, it is even more important than ever to be able to exemplify good communication; this book will help get you there.


Where to Get It:



Epic Content Marketing

Author: Joe Pulizzi

epic content marketing book

4.13/5 stars on Goodreads
4.3/5 stars on Audible
4.5/5 stars on Amazon
5/5 stars on Barnes and Noble



Epic content means that people are actively seeking out your content to read it, read it again, and then share it with others.

Discover how you can make the kind of content that can easily be distributed online and through mainstream press. This book provides a step-by-step plan for developing content that will be interesting and shared throughout multiple social media platforms as well as having the ability to rank well in Google. It is a must have for content strategists and marketers of all kinds.


Where to Get It:


Social Media & PR Books:



The New Rules of Marketing And PR

Author: David Meerman Scott

rules of marketing and pr book

5/5 on Amazon
4/5 on Google Play
3.88/5 on Goodreads
4/5 on Barnes and Noble



This is a guide to the future of marketing. It provides a digestible and actionable step-by-step plan to harness the power of modern day marketing. Marketing, and the strategies behind it, has changed dramatically over the years and this book helps keep its readers up to date on the best ways to take advantage of things like social media, videos, blogs, and more.

The fifth edition of the book includes case studies, real world examples, a chapter all about sales and service, and a fresh look on the newest social media platforms businesses are taking advantage of today (Snapchat, Periscope, Meerkat).

It is a book recommended by other writers, businessmen, and marketers.


Where to Get It:



Contagious: How to Build Word of Mouth in the Digital Age

Author: Jonah Berger

contagious social marketing book

4.4/5 on Amazon
4.1/5 on Google Play
3.8/5 on Goodreads



The information and opinions we get from others are very important to us; it is by word of mouth that things get passed around social media, why videos go viral, and why articles get read over and over again.

Author Jonah Berger has done research on what kinds of things do and do not spread. In his book he talks about why and how things become popular. Contagious will show you how to get the chatter started.


Where to Get It:



There Is No B2B or B2C — Human to Human: #H2H

Author: Bryan Kramer

human to human marketing book

4.7/5 on Amazon
4.17/5 on Goodreads
5/5 on iTunes



Businesses and products do not have thoughts, feelings, or emotions; it is the people behind these that react to and interact with other humans. This book takes on the idea that we are too focused on business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) rather than the actual humans that we should be interacting with.

Bryan uses this book to talk about how our communication tactics need to change to fit the ever-changing digital society we live in today, and how to make it more of a human to human (H2H) interaction.

Discover how you can think beyond just business and get back to true and honest human to human communication.


Where to Get It:


Business & Entrepreneur Books:



The Brand You 50 : Or : Fifty Ways to Transform Yourself from an “Employee” Into a Brand That Shouts Distinction, Commitment, and Passion!

Author: Tom Peters

brand you marketing book

4.1/5 on Amazon
3.73/5 on Goodreads
4/5 on Barnes and Noble
4/5 on Indigo
3.6/5 on Google Play
3.5/5 on Google Books



Tom Peters teaches the importance of standing out and how to help people remember you by creating a brand for yourself: brand you. Peters hands his readers 50 tangible strategies on how to push their personal brands to new heights.

Learn how to stay committed to you and your craft, how to properly network, and choose the right projects all with Tom Peters’ book, The Brand You 50.


Where to Get It:




Author: Marc Ecko

unlabel book

4.5/5 on iTunes
4 /5 on Barnes and Noble
4.6 /5 on Amazon
4.04 /5 on Goodreads



From an entrepreneur himself, Marc Ecko gives you his secrets on how to be successful with your dreams. You will learn to channel your creativity and find the confidence to stand out and be proud in any competitive environment.

Learn to overcome any fears you have with entrepreneurship, realize that failure has to happen, and take action toward your dreams. Marc Ecko is very straightforward and honest, while giving examples of his own experiences readers can relate to.


Where to Get It:



Choose Yourself!

Author: James Altucher

choose yourself marketing book for entreprenuers

4.5/5 stars on Amazon
3.93/5 stars on Goodreads



Entrepreneurship is a rocky road, with lots of high moments and lots of low. This is a concept James Altucher not only understands, but references in his book. His book helps inspire people to be ready and willing to take on the challenges the lifestyle of an entrepreneur requires.

Learn to choose yourself and not rely on the “help” of big businesses to do the things you’re good at, and make money doing them. Choose yourself instead of worrying about the economy, job loss, security, etc. These are all the things James Altucher helps his readers recognize, and understand, to help make them successful.


Where to Get It:



Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All

Author: Tom Kelley

creative confidence marketing book for entrepreneurs

4.6/5 on Amazon
4.5/5 on Barnes & Noble
3.99/5 on Goodreads
4/5 on Google Books



Do you assign yourself to the more analytical group, the group that enjoys math, science, and research, and let other people be the “creative type” with all their colors, shapes, and photos? Turns out we are ALL creative and two of the leading experts in innovation, design, and creativity on the planet show us that in this book.

David and Tom Kelley have taken the time to show their readers principles and strategies that allow them to tap into their creative side and discover their creative potential. If you are ready to take innovation to the next level, come discover your creative side with Creative Confidence.


Where to Get It:

Be sure to let us know if you have a favorite marketing book that we haven’t mentioned above, we would love to add it to our list.
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