Vinyl Wraps vs. Vinyl Vehicle Lettering––What’s the Difference?


creative advertisement wrap for Ford on a bus


Queen of Wraps is best known for its industry-leading, high-quality vinyl car wraps to help businesses brand and advertise successfully. A common question we receive is a simple one: “What are my best options?” The answer simply depends on your needs. Below we compare the pros and cons of vinyl wraps and vinyl vehicle lettering:


Branding––Size Matters

For simple identification of a business vehicle (work trucks, etc.), you will more likely than not want to stick with vinyl vehicle lettering. However, lettering does not create a lasting impression like a full car graphic wrap will. Large and bold wraps demand attention and are much easier for customers to remember.


Durability––High Quality Materials

Because Queen of Wraps uses high quality vinyl for car wrapping, the wraps have an expected lifespan of 3-5 years with proper care. This level of durability allows for an investment to have a true return. Lettering is also made from high quality vinyl, but is easier to pull off because of its edges––potentially lowering the lifetime of the product.


Cost––From Low to High

Clearly, the lesser amount of material that is used, the lower the final costs will be, especially lettering. However, larger vinyl car wraps are still the best investment––over the lifetime of one wrap, the CPM becomes pennies instead of dollars.


For all of your vinyl car wrap needs, along with banners and other forms of advertising, consider using Queen of Wraps. For more information, visit our website or call 801.477.6880.