Benefits of maintaining your vehicle graphics

3 Reasons to Properly Care for Your Vehicle Wrap Advertising

One of the most frequently asked questions received once a wrap has been installed is, “How do I care for my vehicle with graphics installed?” Once you have invested in a vehicle wrap, you should know and understand the importance of caring for your graphics. Here are three reasons you should maintain and clean your wrapped vehicle in order to protect and enhance your brand:

1. Cleaning your vehicle on a regular basis will help ensure a longer lifetime for your vehicle wrap advertising. Your vehicle is consistently subject to the environment and the elements and consistent cleanings will help reduce ware and tear significantly. By protecting your graphics, you’re also improving your ROI.

2. Having a clean vehicle reflects professionalism. Remember, that by having your vehicle branded, you’re being viewed by thousands of people every day and for many of those people, it is their first impression of your business; make it a good one!

3. Keeping your vehicle clean will always keep your brand looking the best that it possibly can. Many people might consciously or subconsciously make judgements on how you do business, simply by whether it looks clean or not. After all, leaving your brand looking less than perfect, could reflect your workmanship and care to them as a customer.

Although you want to consistently clean your graphics, it is important to know that certain practices when washing should be avoided. High pressure washes should be avoided as well ice scrapers on window graphics. When in doubt, hand washing is the best way to care for your wrapped vehicle.

Bryan Griffith

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