Beware of Vehicle Wrap Scams

Many people are always trying to make a quick buck. As a result, scam artists are often on the lookout for ways to take advantage of others. One of the most recent scams across Utah and especially the Salt Lake Valley has to do with vehicle wraps.

Generally, a scammer will post an ad on craigslist or KSL Classifieds telling how they will pay an individual if the put an advertising vehicle wrap on their car and drive around the Ogden/Provo/Salt Lake City area. However, the scammer will also inform the individual that they will send a check for the first months payment if the individual will return a portion of the proceeds for design work or any other fee. The individual then receives a check and sends the scammer money. The rub is that the check will bounce and the individual will be out the check amount as well as the money they sent to the scammer.

Now for the truth- in Utah, there are many reputable vehicle wrap companies. The Queen of Wraps is one great example but that is not to say that there are not other great firms to work with. The one thing that reputable vehicle wrap companies have in common is that we all have the same general business model- you pay us, we wrap your car. Generally, our car wraps are for advertising purposes however the car personalization side has grown significantly. In larger markets, such as Los Angeles or New York, on occasion a company will pay individuals to drive around with a vehicle wrap. This is very rare even in the larger markets. In a small advertising market like Salt Lake City or Ogden, this is essentially unheard of. All companies that are looking for vehicle wraps in Utah are wrapping their own company vehicles. This gives the company greater control of who is actually driving the vehicle as the driver is a reflection of the company itself.

So next time you see an ad in KSL offering to pay you to wrap your car or a post on craigslist promising big bucks- just remember- if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Bryan Griffith

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