Can You Actually Get Paid To Wrap Your Car?

We are often approached by customers wanting to know if they can get paid to wrap their car. The thought of getting money just to drive around seems like a dream come true! Unfortunately, for the most part, it is just that- a dream.

At some point, somewhere, some company may have paid individuals to wrap their vehicles and drive around. However, this is by no means the norm. As the largest vehicle wrap company in Utah since 2005, we have never seen it happen in our market. 

In virtually all cases, vehicle wrap clients choose to wrap their own vehicles. This way, they have their own employees driving the cars and they have greater control over the driving behavior. Additionally, the companies who are most likely to use vehicle wraps in Utah- plumbers, electricians, delivery, etc. – gain the true benefits of vehicle wraps by having their cars and trucks parked in the very neighborhoods and cities that they want to target. Finally, when a company wraps their own vans and trucks, they only need to purchase the wrap once. There is no monthly payment going out to the drivers because the drivers are employees of the company. 

There are many companies that try to draw drivers in with the promise of monthly payment in exchange for driving around with a wrap on your car. We have seen many of these companies come and go because, while they have no shortage of interested drivers, they generally are unable to find companies willing to pay drivers for the reasons stated above. While most of these companies are trying to make an honest buck, some are borderline or even outright scams. Make sure to check reviews, FB posts, and the BBB if you are interested in engaging. Even if you do find a legit company that wants to pay you to drive, do not be disappointed if you are never selected for a campaign. As has been mentioned in this article, these types of campaigns are extremely rare and virtually non-existent in the Utah market.

With all that being said, there is perhaps the possibility for an individual to make money driving. If you approach a local business and gain sponsors who are willing to purchase your wrap and pay you to drive, Queen of Wraps is happy to provide our design and installation expertise to make the project happen. 

Bryan Griffith

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