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Chrome Vehicle Wrap from Utah based Queen of Wraps

Vehicle wraps in Utah are becoming more and more commonplace as savvy business owners realize the potential of wrapping the sides of their vehicles with advertisements. As a result, the majority of the car wrap work done at Utah based Queen of Wraps is for business use. However, every once in a while, the Queen of Wraps team gets to spread it’s wings and take on a new and challenging project. Recently, as an advertising piece, the Queen of Wraps crew decided to put a chrome vehicle wrap on the owner’s SUV. The result is quite impressive. “This is the first chrome wrapped car in Utah” stated owner Harley Griffith. “This really turns heads wherever I go.”. Wrapping a car in chrome is certainly one of the biggest challenges the Queen of Wraps has faced. The material is generally meant to do small trim work and not cover the whole vehicle. Consequently, it does not have some of the stretching and conforming properties that normal vehicle wrap vinyl has. This means that the product is very delicate and difficult to work with. Luckily, the skilled master certified vehicle wrap installers have no trouble placing the material. For more information about chrome vehicle wraps in Utah or the Salt Lake City based vehicle wrap company Queen of Wraps, contact us at sales@queenofwraps.com

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