How long does a vehicle wrap last?

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A 6 year old vehicle wrap from the Queen of Wraps

Oftentimes, we get questions about how long a vehicle wrap or car decal will last. This is an interesting question because the answer depends on what is meant by “last”.

Vehicle wraps are made of a vinyl product. This vinyl material will basically last forever. It will not disintegrate or wash away. On the back side of the vinyl is a specially formulated adhesive made specifically for vehicle paint. This will probably last longer than the vehicle will.

That being said, the actual wrap will stay on your vehicle as long as you would like it to be on. The real question is how will it wear. Generally, after a 4-5 years, the edges of the wrap will start to look a little worn and the areas of deep concave may lift. The roof and hood also may discolor a bit from sun exposure. Typically, however, this doesn’t take away from the overall look of the car wrap. Most of our clients are ready to change the design of the wrap long before it gets to this point. However, those that choose to keep going with the wrap still have a fully functional advertising piece.

The real key when purchasing a vehicle wrap in Utah is to make sure that the materials are of the highest quality. This means a top tier brand of vehicle wrap film with the matching factory specified laminate. Additionally, the inks used are important. Solvent or Eco-Solvent inks tend to fade quickly and not produce a sharp image. Latex inks are the new standard in high-definition printing.

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