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How To Care For Your Vehicle Wrap

Now that you have your custom vinyl vehicle wrap installed, a little bit of maintenance will help you get most out of your investment. By following the tips below, you will help your wrap maintain it’s vibrant color and extend the longevity of your car wrap.


Keep it clean


Hand washing with a non-abrasive detergent and a soft cloth or sponge is the best way to keep your wrap looking its best High-pressure washes may damage your car wrap, so it is best to avoid them. With every new vehicle wrap, we provide a wrap care kit that includes a spray wrap cleaner and a spray sealant. It is recommended that you wash the vehicle every 2 weeks by hand and use the Avery Supreme Care Cleaner for spots between washes. It is very important to never buff or scrape your wrap. After rinsing, you can use a silicone squeegee to minimize water spotting. Contaminants such as bird droppings, insects, or spilled fuel should be cleaned immediately. Additionally, you should wait 48 hours after your wrap installation before cleaning your vehicle.


Vehicle Storage


Just like a regular paint job, vehicle wraps can be degraded over time by prolonged exposure to sun and weather conditions. The trunk, roof, and hood are the most vulnerable areas of the vehicle. It is best to keep your vehicle stored in a garage or car port. If this isn’t an option, try to rotate where and how you park your vehicle.


We hope you enjoy your new wrap, and with proper care you can enjoy it for several years!


Demonstration Video

Check out this video from Avery Dennison on how to best care for your wrap:



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