Queen of Wraps Covers Bobsled

vinyl vehicle wrap bobsled

Queen of Wraps crew installs a vinyl graphic on a bobsled

The U.S. Bobsled team has a history of supporting breast cancer research through the Susan G. Koman foundation. As a promotional piece, the team decided to wrap a bobsled with a patriotic breast cancer awareness themed graphic. The Queen of Wraps was chosen to help with this project.

To get things started, the U.S. Bobsled team invited employees of the Queen of Wraps to go check out the sleds at the Park City training track. “It was a cool experience,” said Bryan Griffith, of the Queen of Wraps. “We got to see the training track and a lot of the different sleds they athletes use.” He continued.

After the approved design was sent to the QOW crew, the team used a special car wrap vinyl intended for extreme curves. This allowed the expert certified car wrap installers to apply the vinyl design in a limited number of pieces.

The result is an awesome piece of art. The vinyl wrap on this bobsled will really turn some heads as it is running down the track.

Bryan Griffith

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