Should I Put Solid Vinyl or Perforated Vinyl on My Windows?

Oftentimes, with a full vehicle wrap design, part of the graphic will go over the windows. This inevitably leads to the question of what type of vinyl decal to put on the glass.

The two most common options are a solid vinyl- similar to that used for the main body vehicle wrap, or a perforated window wrap. Both products have advantages and with a little bit of information, we can easily suggest the best product for you.

Solid vinyl has a superior print quality because the whole surface can be digitally printed. Additionally, a solid vinyl window wrap can be laminated with a UV protective car wrap laminate. This helps prevent fading. The disadvantage is that solid vinyl completely blocks out the window. This is a good option if you have a minimal amount of graphic on the windows or if the graphic is only on the side windows.

The alternative is a perforated window vinyl. This too can be digitally printed however the print quality is not quite as good because the material is full of holes to allow light to pass through. The advantage, however, is that from inside the vehicle, one can see out clearly. This allows us to place full color graphics across the rear window of your vehicle.

When choosing what material to use on the rear window of your vehicle wrap, make sure to consult with your car wrap specialist at the Queen of Wraps. Due to the unique climate challenges in Salt Lake City and Utah in general, we will be able to assist you with the best option for you.

Bryan Griffith

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