Vehicle Color Changes Are Here

Here is an excerpt from our latest national press release. To learn more about the advantages of vinyl vehicle wraps versus a custom paint job, contact the Queen of Wraps.

Vinyl vehicle color changes are the latest trend in the car customization world. Queen of Wraps has been performing these vehicle wraps for some time. Now, Queen of Wraps has launched a new segment of it’s website specifically geared toward explaining the benefits of a vinyl vehicle wrap over a custom paint job.

“Lots of people want to change the color of their vehicle”, said Harley Griffith, CEO of Queen of Wraps. He continued, “However custom paint jobs can be costly and decrease the value of the vehicle by removing the original paint”. Vinyl vehicle wraps are different because they do not affect the vehicle paint. They go over the original paint and cleanly remove when a change is desired.  This helps the vehicle actually maintain value because the paint is protected.

Vinyl vehicle wraps for color changes are available in a variety of colors and finishes ranging from matte colors like white and black to chrome finished colors like gold and silver. To learn more about custom vehicle color changes, visit www.QueenOfWraps.com/color-change-wraps

Bryan Griffith

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