What Is The Craziest Thing You Have Wrapped?

Any time I meet someone and tell them what I do, one question frequently comes up- What is the craziest thing you have wrapped?

I have a few favorite things we have wrapped but my first answer is generally a coffin.

Actually, we have wrapped more than one coffin for more than one company. Every once in a while, a funeral home or casket dealer reaches out to us with the great idea to do a wrap on the casket. I always think this is such a cool idea. While a plain wood box says very little about the deceased, wrapping the coffin with a photo of the family or a favorite golf course is a much better way to tell the person’s story. Unfortunately, this never really catches on because the timelines are generally very tight. Since we tend to book out multiple weeks, it is hard to turn around a casket wrap in just a couple of days without having to bump other customers off the schedule. However, if someone could make this idea work more consistently, I think it is a winner.

Another one of my favorite projects that I share with people is being the official bobsled/luge/skeleton wrap company for Team USA. Every winter, Olympic hopefuls who are training at the US Olympic Center in Park City will bring us their sleds to get wrapped. It is very cool to see some of these athletes start out on the lower rungs of Team USA and then all of a sudden you see them on a commercial for the Olympic team. One athlete in particular that comes to mind has been coming to us for 5+ years. Perhaps he will make it to the Olympics in 2022.

My last story that I share with people is how, for a present, I wrapped my kitchen refrigerator in zebra print for my wife. At the time, she was in a huge animal print phase and I decided to surprise her. She nearly fainted when she walked in the door and saw a giant zebra wrapped fridge.

Basically any non-porous hard surface can be wrapped. We have many different types of vinyl for many applications. If you have a crazy idea of something to be wrapped, just reach out and we would be happy to provide some guidance.

Bryan Griffith

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