Who designs my vehicle wrap?

The question of vehicle wrap design is one we hear a lot. In reality, anyone with some skill and the right materials can install an acceptable car wrap. However, the design is the most important part of the product. A great design is the difference between a wrap that attracts customers to your call to action or one that doesn’t catch they eye.

Here at the Queen of Wraps, design and marketing are our strong suits. We have two designers on staff who have specialized for years in the fields of branding and advertising. As a result, you can rest assured that the design we produce for you will help drive your message and attract customers. Additionally, if you have a designer on staff or one that you are comfortable using, our design team is happy to collaborate with your’s to produce an effective wrap.

With all of our full vehicle wrap options as well as many of our partial wraps, design is included in the price. The general wrap design package includes 2 or 3 concepts based on your input. Once a direction is established, the designer will run with the idea and create 2 to 3 more refined versions based on your revisions. Once the final design is agreed upon, the vehicle wrap is scheduled and installed.

In addition to vehicle and boat wrap design services, the Queen of Wraps also produces branding packages which can include everything from logo design to business card and stationary. Typically, we can source all sorts of small format printing projects at a lower cost than most local copy shops.

Bryan Griffith

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