Why is it Important to Use Top-Quality Materials in a Vehicle Wrap?

As vehicle wraps become more and more common, so do vehicle and boat wrap companies. Consequently, there is a lot of competition for your car wrap and decal business.

Unfortunately, some companies choose to produce a less than perfect product in order to cut costs and offer a cheaper product. As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. These low prices are almost always achieved by using a sub standard material that is not necessarily meant for vehicle wraps. This can include sign vinyl, generic materials, and imported vinyl that are not for use on car paint. Generally, the results are good in the short term but the quality quickly deteriorates as the material begins to fade and crack. Finally, when the time comes to remove the wrap, paint often comes up with it.

At the Queen of Wraps, we use only the highest grade vehicle and boat wrap material made by 3M. This vinyl is specifically designed to use on vehicles. The adhesive is specially formulated to adhere to the car paint for 4-5 years and remove cleanly with no residue or paint lift. The correct product may cost a little bit more in the short term but in the long run, the price is minimal.

For more information about our premium 3M car wrap and boat wraps, contact the Salt Lake City based Queen of Wraps.

Bryan Griffith

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